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Image of -SOLD OUT-Blue Hawaii Kick-Off Private Party (Friday May 17th, 3pm)
$75.00 — Sold out

-SOLD OUT-Blue Hawaii Kick-Off Private Party (Friday May 17th, 3pm)

Tiki Caliente may not have invented the time machine (not yet, anyway), but we are doing the next best thing. We know it’s been one of your dreams to go back in time and party with Elvis (and, frankly, it’s one of ours, too), so using a rum-influenced idea, worthy of an episode of “Fantasy Island”, we are going to make your wish come true. On Friday afternoon, May 17th, sixty of you lucky Caliente peeps will get all shook up with The King at our ticketed “Blue Hawaii” themed room party. Elvis impersonator extraordinaire, Keith Hart, will entertain you with an intimate show in our party suite. Not only that, Pittsburgh’s fantastic Hidden Harbor Tiki Bar will serve you delicious “Blue Hawaiian” cocktails in your commemorative “Blue Hawaii” mug, made by the historic Bauer Pottery Company! Wow, your crazy-stupid dreams CAN come true, and for only $75 per person! However, if you want to attend, we suggest a little less conversation and a little more action.