Tiki Caliente 15


The soft, warm breeze carries the sound of rustling palms and sensuous exotica music to your ears. 

Before you, your glass, filled with a fine rum libation, clinks together with new friends. 
Heartfelt calls of "Aloha" awaken in you a long-buried memory of primitive excitement. 
This has been your dream. Are you on some far-off tropical island? 
Yes… and it´s called Tiki Caliente. 

Tiki Caliente is an annual event that creates the aura of island living, but transports it to Palm Springs, California. It brings together the best music, art, cocktails and people to create a celebration dedicated to Tiki culture. Tiki Caliente touches all of your senses. It´s a combination of sights, sounds, scents and tastes, all in one memorable weekend. From music to art, shopping and socializing, Tiki Caliente will immerse you into the colorful and escapist Polynesian-Pop world. And, since the Tiki culture is partially focused on crafted cocktails, this gathering will also entice you repeatedly with a variety of concoctions made with exotic rums, juices and spices. From our host’s personal creations, to the cocktails made especially for the various on-site room parties, your palate will be enlightened. 

Every year, Tiki Caliente features some of the greatest live entertainment in the Tiki scene, on our main stage and in our late-night lounge shows. In between the live performances, our DJs will be spinning vinyl, so the air is always filled with well-themed music. If shopping is your thing, the hotel grounds are filled with vendors selling tropical everything. Vintage aloha wear, new Tiki-inspired art, Tiki mugs, trinkets and other fine baubles are plentiful, so you can take home your own personal souvenir of paradise. 

What kind of people are right for Tiki Caliente? Here´s a quote that we feel fits perfectly: 

"Dedicated to those merry souls who make eating and drinking a pleasure, who achieve contentedness long before capacity; and who, whenever they drink, prove able to carry it, enjoy it, and remain gentlemen" 

Trader Vic

If this sounds like you, and you enjoy healthy escapism and true aloha spirit, then join us at Tiki Caliente. We want people to participate in our party and be part of this wondrous scene. The Tiki community is extremely friendly and welcoming. We enjoy seeing new people become old friends. And to keep the spirit of this event lively but not overbearing, we limit ticket sales to only six hundred people. We don’t want to be the biggest, only the best — and for that we need people like you to be part of this. 

Tiki Caliente is open to the general public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday for shopping with our vendors only. This event is tailored for guests who have purchased wristbands, who will be able to enjoy the headlining live entertainment, room parties and other activities. The entire hotel has been purchased for this weekend, and the grounds are secured starting at 7 p.m. 

If you are interested in being part of Tiki Caliente for the entire weekend or just purchasing a wristband to join some of our fun, please go to the sales page and see what options best suit your needs. 

"Mahalo" for your interest, and we look forward to entertaining you. 

Your Host/Founder 

Rory "Wildsville Man" Snyder