Tiki Caliente 15


Any sale cancelation to the Tiki Caliente event will result in the following fee's.

*Cancellation of Friday/Saturday weekend package will result in a $45 cancelation fee

(No Cancelations within one week of the actual event which begins that Thursday at 10am. No refunds after that time)

*Cancellation of Thursday or Sunday will result in a $30 cancelation fee for individual night and $40 total for both.

*Cancellation of event bonus weekend wristbands or off-site weekend wristbands will result in a $20 cancelation fee per wristband. ( Bonus is considered any wristband over the 2 that come with the room package)

*Cancelation fee of $15 for any symposium or special event

*Event Mug is for Pick-up Only. If you Can NOT pick-up the mug at the event. You can request to have the transaction cancelled and you will be refunded your total minus $25.00 cancellation fee and paypal fee.