Tiki Caliente 15
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Ernie Menehune Symposium-Marty Lush (12:30pm Friday May 3rd)

Ernie Menehune Symposium-Marty Lush (12:30pm Friday May 3rd)
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Event Time: 1 Hour
Cocktail Provided in Air Conditioned Room

Ernie Menehune might not be a name that springs to your mind when you think of midcentury Hawaiian entertainers… but after this symposium it absolutely will! Menehune was a bright star during the heyday of America’s Polynesian obsession. He was a regular performer in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, and throughout the southwest, too. With his many collectable records and current CD reissues (that sell out as soon as they are released!), you need to know about Ernie Menehune and why he has a well-deserved place in the pantheon of beloved Hawaiian crooners. And who better to lead this symposium than acclaimed musician and composer, Quiet Village podcast host and Digitiki dude, Mr. Mark Riddle! Join Mark as he takes you on this enchanting journey through the life and career of Ernie Menehune — Hawaii’s famous “Suntanned Irishman”… even though he wasn’t Irish… but that’s a story you’ll hear during this terrific symposium. Beautifully crafted, themed cocktail will be included with your symposium ticket!