Image of (Saturday, May 6th 1:30PM) Polynesiacs: Navigating a Home Tiki Bar Build

(Saturday, May 6th 1:30PM) Polynesiacs: Navigating a Home Tiki Bar Build

$38.00 - $76.00

Date: Saturday, May 6th at 1:30PM

One Hour Symposium with a complimentary cocktail.

Polynesiacs: Navigating a Home Tiki Bar Build
Thinking about building a new or further developing your home Tiki bar? Travel along with Tiki Tom-Tom on his recent trip to visit seventy-five escapist and immersive home Tiki spaces across the continental United States. Take a peek inside the private paradises and oases created by Polynesiacs from New York to California and Washington to Florida. Hear the entertaining stories of fellow Tiki lovers. Consider Tiki Tom-Tom's new sixteen-point navigation system based on what he learned from in-depth interviews during his visits. Be one of the first to hear about the NavPoints system featured in his new book - Polynesiacs.
Tiki Tom-Tom (aka Tom Jaynes) is a writer, photographer, artist, sewist, singer, educator, wanderer, and full-time Polynesiac. A decade ago, his first visit to the Mai Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show converted him to Tiki life. A former community college administrator turned nomad, you’ll often find him mapping out his next road trip at Queequeg’s Coffin, his home Tiki bar in Durham, North Carolina.

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