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Image of Saturday 1pm-2:30 LeFern-Dirty Lowdown's Private Party
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Saturday 1pm-2:30 LeFern-Dirty Lowdown's Private Party

"Pssst! Hey, kid! How would you like to go to an awesome private party? There will be booze and a band!”
If those words brings back memories of a really good time from your younger years, then you’ll want to be one of only forty people who will attend The Dirty Lowdown’s FernFest! This private concert/party will take place on Saturday afternoon inside of The Caliente Tropic’s newest attraction, “Le Fern” bar. Ticket holders will enjoy a private, two-hour show with beloved The Dirty Lowdown band, who specialize in performing stellar covers from so many of your favorite songs. Retro-goodness at its rocking best! Complimentary cocktails and taste testings are being provided by Old Harbor and Copalli, and the cocktails will be crafted by “The Home Bartender”, Ann Goebelt!