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Image of Home Bar Guide Symposium (Saturday 3pm) with Traded Tom/Hiphipahula

Home Bar Guide Symposium (Saturday 3pm) with Traded Tom/Hiphipahula

The hottest new Tiki cocktail book will come to life at Tiki Caliente 11, as esteemed and knowledgable authors, Kelly Hiphipahula Reilly and Trader Tom Morgan, present their “Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails” symposium. Join Kelly and Tom as they guide you through the creation of their latest cocktail tome, from concept to printed book. The process took them over two years, and they will give you their insider's perspective of what it takes to bring a published book like this to fruition. From the creating and choosing of over one hundred and fifty cocktail recipes, to the art and photography process, collaborating with a European book publisher, book layout requirements — you will learn how they created this spectacular book, which will give you an even better appreciation for “The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails” and will also give you insight into how to turn YOUR own book idea into a reality! In addition to walking you though their writing process, they will also present a practical tutorial on syrup-making and how syrups are used in some of the recipes in their book. Q & A will be encouraged, and everyone will enjoy one of Kelly and Tom’s famed cocktails during this symposium, plus have a chance to win a custom “Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails” deluxe pendant (a $40 value!) and a copy of their book. At the end of the symposium, they will be selling and signing their book, along with other book-related swag — some of which will be premiering for the first time at Tiki Caliente 11!
This symposium will take place Saturday, May 18th from 3:00-4:30 p.m., and tickets are $50.00, including a cocktail.
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