Kelly Merrell 3pm Friday May 19th No-Rum Symposium

$45.00 Sold Out

Image of Kelly Merrell 3pm Friday May 19th No-Rum Symposium

Kellys Saturday symposium SOLD OUT in 48 hours so we added 1 more sitting. (This is the same class as the Saturday sold out version)

About the No-Rum Tiki Symposium:

Although rum flows through all our veins, one cannot live on cane spirits alone. In this symposium, we will discuss classic exotic cocktails that use whiskey, gin, scotch, tequila… and a few other surprises!

Who is Kelly Merrell? Kelly Merrell has been a bartender in Southern California for 15 years. For the past six years, he has been a creative member of the leadership team at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at The Disneyland Hotel. Kelly was bitten by the Tiki bug in 2010, and has embraced exotic cocktails as both his chosen profession and hobby.
Since Trader Sam’s opened in 2011, Kelly has been a lead bartender who has worked to cultivate their cocktail program towards honoring the classics, as well as delivering new beverage experiences. He also enjoys guest bartending at various Tiki and craft cocktail bars around the LA/OC area and loves sharing his love of Tiki cocktails with anyone who will listen!