Tiki Caliente 7

May 14th-17th, 2015. Tiki history took place once again, as Tiki Caliente returned to the legendary Caliente Tropics hotel. A crowd of over 500 people enjoyed a 4 day tropical getaway that included such acts as tiki joe's ocean as well as the ceremony that unveiled the new Bosco art that now permanently adorns the historic hotel. It truly was a pleasure returning to the historic Caliente Tropics hotel on the 50th anniversary of that tiki haven.

Tiki Caliente 6

May 15th-18th, 2014. Since we found our groove with Tiki Caliente 5, we expanded Tiki Caliente 6 with even more improvements that kept it fresh. Tiki Caliente’s focus will always be about TIKI, with a respective twist of Mid-Century Modern. In Tiki Caliente 6, we extended the entertainment from Thursday through Sunday, which allowed our guests the opportunity to create a longer vacation for themselves and gave them even more value for their investment. The event’s total capacity was also limited to six hundred guests, to help maintain the important feeling of relaxation along with an aloha-filled celebration. 

Tiki Caliente 5

This was the milestone year where the goal of five hundred attendees was reached. From May 17th-19th, 2013, Tiki Client 5 focused on adding a little more Mid-Century mood to our Tiki event, while still keeping the big focus on Polynesian-Pop. This was achieved with superb entertainment ranging from “Lounge” to “Luau”, and (for the first time) we added late-night shows, which were a huge hit. Our concept for Tiki Caliente came together as we had always dreamed. 

Tiki Caliente 4

From May 18th-20th, 2012, the Travel Lodge was, once again, the location for this year’s event, although the hotel had been bought, renovated and renamed The Curve. Moving to a more Mod version of Tiki was our goal this year, and it worked! With a “Frank Sinatra-Rat Pack Meets Martin Denny” stage show (along with incredible vendors, artists and other entertainment), this was the year Tiki Caliente jelled. The event had now grown to just under five hundred attendees, with the three surrounding hotels also selling out to accommodate everyone who wanted to be there. We decided that this was as big as we wanted the event to grow, in order to maintain the kind of fun and quality we wanted to bring to everyone.

Tiki Caliente 3

The big change this year was our new host hotel — the Travel Lodge in Palm Springs. From May 20th-22nd, 2011, four hundred people showed up for this long, relaxing weekend of live music, room parties, art, shopping, pure aloha and escapism. We offered highly collectible souvenirs of this year´s event — original Tiki Caliente art and a finely-crafted, limited-edition event mug by famed Tiki artist, Doug Horne. Talented carver, Tiki Ray, created large, original Tiki sculptures for us, which helped transform the Travel Lodge into a tropical paradise for all. 

Tiki Caliente 2

June 4th-6th, 2010 was the date for the second Tiki Caliente, which was held again at the Caliente Tropics hotel. This year we focused our theme on “de-evolving” back into the original meaning and mood of pure Tiki. Highlights included performances by The Martini Kings with Cherry Capri, The Eliminators, The Hula Girls, Slacktone and The Tikiyaki Orchestra, along with Crazy Al´s performance contributions. There was an amazing art show, with new works by great talents such as Derek Yaniger, Doug Horne, Sam Gambino and Robb Hamel. We also had seventeen very creative vendors on property to fit everyone´s Tiki-buying needs. This was the year that proved, "Tiki Has Never Been So Hot"! Ticket sales were limited to three hundred and fifty people… and SOLD OUT!

Tiki Caliente 1

The first Tiki Caliente took place on May 9th-11th, 2008. The event was initially created to help celebrate the five-year anniversary of Palm Springs´ M Modern Gallery, which was featuring the first headline show of artist Derek Yaniger. This gathering took place in beautiful Palm Springs, California, at the historic, Mid-Century Tiki hotel, the Caliente Tropics. This first Tiki Caliente featured an authentic luau on the hotel’s lawn, catered by Hawaiian Bill´s. There was also a late- night, Rat Pack style party to celebrate the history of the Cellar Steakhouse, which was the Caliente Tropics´ "underground playground to the stars" back in the 1960´s.

Respected Tiki artists Doug Horne and Sam Gambino provided the promotional art this first year (and would in following years, as well)! Twelve vendors set up shop on the grounds, and The Martini Kings, Titus, Smoking’ Menehunes and others brought the sweet sounds of exotica to our first party. One hundred and fifteen people showed up for this inaugural Tiki Caliente, and they made it clear that they wanted more. So we gave them more…