Coming in April of 2018

4-5pm Listening Party/Happy Hour “Down to the Ole Reef Bar” Release

5-7pm Face Melting Ukulele with Jason Arimoto 
8pm The Coleman’s Rm. 116
8:30-10:30 Big Organ Explosion with DeeJay Baz

11-1:30am TikiTronic

(Schedule Subject to change)

Noon-2pm DJ Glitter and Sand (Main Stage)

3-5pm Desi Relator (Main Stage)
6:00pm Kick-Off Toast for Tiki Caliente 10 (Group Photo)
6:30-7:30pm Ukulela (Main Stage)

7pm Hawaii 4 TBD

7pm Tanduay Rum Rm. 148

8-10pm Martini Kings & Friends (Main Stage)

10pm Zen Tiki Casino Rm. 234

10pm Lost Cargo Rm. 238

11pm Flaming Tiki Rm. 115

10pm Hang Ten Hangmen (Live at the Reef)

11:30pm Ding Dong Devils (Live from the Reef)

(Subject to change)


11am-1pm Martini Kings (Encore Main Stage)

11am Ventiki Rm. 238 

1pm Volcano full of Monkeys Rm 216 

1-3:00pm SunnyBrook Yacht Club (Main Stage)

1pm Godzilla Returns Rm. 201

3pm-5pm Kamaki (Main Stage)

6pm Deadhead Rum  Rm.216

6pm Tiki Shaker Rm. 221 
6pm-8pm The Hula Girls

8pm-10pm Jason Lee and the R.I.P. tides (Main Stage)

10pm Tonga Hut Rm. 117

11pm Jojo, Queen of the jungle Rm.135

10pm Fisherman (Reef Bar)

11pm-1am Don wHO (Reef Bar)

Noon-2pm Desi Relator
3pm-5pm Zulluu